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Tacklen is the first hospital products supplier in Spain with the ColorADD seal

With the aim of eliminating barriers and promoting inclusion values, Tacklen Medical Technology S.L. has just established a collaboration with the ColorADD® Color Identification System. As a supplier of identification labels for medicines and anesthetics for hospital environments, Tacklen faces a new approach to the market, in a pioneering way in Spain, guaranteeing universal accessibility to the colorblind population through its Rolltac® product line, reinforcing the differentiation between medicines and ensuring greater quality and safety in anesthesia.

The incorporation of these symbols doesn’t benefits only people with this visual condition, but also reinforces safety and avoids possible errors when administering medications.

This initiative comes when ColorADD invests in disseminating the code in Health and Hospitals ecosystems in Spain. With 36 Hospital Centers and ULS in Portugal with universal accessibility for colorblind people, implemented or in the implementation phase, 2024 is the year in which the first ColorADD Hospitals in Spain will begin their implementations with ColorADD system.