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ColorADD, Color is for ALL!

Our mission is to facilitate color identification for color blind, while contributing determinately to their Social integration and Welfare, turning Communication more Efficient, Responsible and Inclusive.

The ColorADD team, together with our partners from the most diverse sectors of society, develops simple, non-intrusive solutions that make the world more inclusive for the color blind.





The ColorADD code can be implemented and used through a license acquisition. The license fee is adjusted to the partner’s profile ensuring an affordable and fair cost for everyone!

Part of the licensing fee is used to support the ColorADD.Social Non-Profit Association, which promotes inclusion in first cycle schools.



The licensing includes:

- ColorADD Annex I, a digital support toolkit for proper implementation of the ColorADD Code.

- ColorADD Technical Check, required to ensure correct color reference and application of the Code.

- ColorADD Technical Support Consulting Services, to accompany the deployment phase, specifically related to the identification of needs, media and deployment content, sharing best practices, definition of integration concepts and partnership activation.

Please contact us, and we will provide all the information required to, together, turn your communication more inclusive for 350 million color blind people!








ColorADD Social

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Is a non-profit association dedicated to promote social integration of color blind people through the adoption of the ColorADD code.

Its mission is to raise awareness about color blindness, especially within the educational community at schools, by training and supporting both educational and inclusion projects.

ColorADD.Social promotes a more inclusive school through color accessibility and, consequently, of a more inclusive society, in which all children have the same learning opportunities and are aware on how to identify and interact with diversity.




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