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News   27.11.2023

American distribution giant Walmart private label adopts the ColorADD system in two product lines

Pen+Gear it's the North American distribution giant Walmart's private label for school and office supplies. In the stores of this chain, which operates worldwide, you can now find two product lines..

News   20.11.2023

ColorADD present at Kollektivkonferanse event on sustainable mobility

Organised by KOLLEKTIVTRAFIKKFORENINGEN on 16 November in Oslo, Norway, Kollektivkonferansen was an event dedicated to the concept of Sustainable Mobility for All. It was in this context that Miguel..

News   14.11.2023

Superbrands Portugal Banco Montepio gives voice to color blindness

Superbrands Portugal Banco Montepio has just launched "A blank cover for Inclusion", where it gives voice to color..

News   28.09.2023

ColorADD® at III European Patient Meeting on Achromatopsia and Blue Cone Monochromacy at University of Tübingen - Germany

The condition of color blindness goes far beyond the confusion that can occur when identifying color. Not only is there not just one type of color blindness, but there are people who are born seeing..

News   26.09.2023

“Extra Salt”, the little bit that was missing from “Sea, Salt & Paper”… and we hadn’t noticed!

There are so many things and moments in life that need “extra seasoning”. It is good, but it could be even better! This was exactly the path that the creators at Studio Bombyx followed in this new..

News   22.09.2023

We are in Singapore Design Week '23! Because Color is for All

ColorADD - Color Identification System® is an example of inclusive Design at Singapore Design Week ’23, from 21 September to October’s 1st. Singapore has been designated a UNESCO creative City of..