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ColorADD APP is a solution that provides independence and autonomy in the day-to-day life of the color blind, complementing the presence of the ColorADD code in products and services.

A better experience and perception of color: Buying fruit and vegetables, identifying the color of objects, or simply noticing the color of a beautiful sunset, becomes easier with ColorADD APP.

Easy to use and intuitive:
- The user simply points the device’s camera at the surface he wants to identify and at the top of the screen the color name appears with the corresponding ColorADD symbol.
- Color detection and identification in real time.
- Zoom, flip and flashlight control in real time.
- Intelligent color stabilizer to improve color recognition.
- Color detection and identification in images from the phone gallery, with the ability to identify up to 10 colors at the same time.
- Possibility of saving and sharing images after color identification.
- Option to activate audio color identification.



Due to technical limitations, such as light conditions, camera quality and sensor, the detected colors in the Application may be different from the real colors of your objects. Before using the Application, please understand that the colors shown are just simulations of the perceived colors and may not match any color standards. They are provided as reference and shall be assumed as an estimation only.

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