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Spanish Blue Flag signs ColorADD usage protocol

There are now more than 130 Portuguese beaches with the implementation of inclusion by colorWith the full start of the bathing season on June 1 in Portugal, there are now more than 130 beaches that are inclusive by color, from North to South of the country, including the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores, where the ColorADD color identification system for the colorblind is a reality present in the signs of bathing areas.

This number of beaches currently represents more than 20% of the beaches in the national territory, and the effort made by the national authorities has been notorious and of high impact for the implementation of ColorADD. it is essentially a factor that implies the safety of bathers. In this way, the ColorADD implementation process is a good practice that has just crossed the national border once again. ADEAC - Asociación de Educación Ambiental y del Consumidor, the entity responsible for awarding the Blue Flag to beaches in Spain, has just signed a cooperation protocol with ColorADD, promoting the inclusion and integration of people with color blindness in all flagged bathing areas. Blue, from 2023, as long as color is a factor of identification, orientation or choice, on Spanish beaches.

Since the signing of this protocol, the beaches of the neighboring country are recommended to implement this good practice of inclusion, in order to obtain the status of a beach with the Blue Flag. ColorADD and ADEAC propose to carry out initiatives to promote and encourage the adoption of the color identification system for color blind people in sea state signaling flags, in selective garbage collection containers and in all relevant elements enhancing the training and capacity building of operational agents in the areas of bathing and bathing recreation.

In addition to Portuguese beaches, ColorADD has carried out an internationalization effort, being already present in several beaches around the world, from Spain to Greece, passing through Costa Rica, United States of America, among others.

In Portugal, the inclusion of a color identification system for colorblind people and adapted signage in the context of beaches is seen as a good practice for integration, as reflected in the National Inclusion Strategy for People with Disabilities (ENIPD) for the quadrennium 2021-2025.

It should be remembered that ColorADD is a Color Identification System for Colorblind People, a universal language rsal and innovative that allows, through partner entities and brands, to include more than 350 million people worldwide without discrimination!

ColorADD is a 100% Portuguese creation, with more than 30 distinctions and prizes awarded nationally and internationally. Because Color is for ALL!