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Hospital da Horta, in the Azores, is the first insular Hospital inclusive by Color.

On November 14, Hospital da Horta formally presented the implementation project for the ColorADD Color Identification System adapted to the reality of that health unit. With this step, Hospital da Horta thus becomes the first inclusive island hospital by Color.

In a manifest attitude of fulfilling the perspectives of accessibility for all, meeting the National Strategy for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities, streamlined and driven by the Secretary of State for Inclusion, the Board of Directors of Hospital da Horta carries out a partnership with ColorADD, with a view to including the color-blind user population of that hospital unit.

With an eye on the premise of inclusion, the implementation of color coding for colorblind people allows that, as long as color is a factor of choice, decision and information, the person with color blindness, being a user, visitor or health professional, has at your disposal a solution that supports you in identifying color, which is so vital in a system such as the Manchester Protocol, which uses color as a reference factor in the organization and screening of patients in hospital emergency services.

The creator of the ColorADD Code, Miguel Neiva, made a presentation addressed to the different teams of professionals at Hospital da Horta, on the day of the formal signing of the cooperation protocol between the two entities that has been in force since August 2022, with the presence of the Board of Directors of that Hospital.

Portugal already has 30 Hospitals and Local Health Units with ColorADD implementation completed or in progress, from north to south of the country, now starting to be present in the Azorean islands.