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ColorADD in all publications of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization

On a bright sunny day, through the eyes of a person with color blindness , he looks gray, hazy and cloudy. When the same person is on the field, he will be quite worried when the referee raises a yellow or red card to a player. In fact, if he visits Wembley in England for the match Liverpool - Manchester United, it is certain that he will not be able to distinguish which team the players belong to, since they both have red uniforms. 

He will face similar problems in a parking lot, where colored lines direct drivers to different zones or in a hospital, where lanes of different colors lead to different clinics by specialty. Even on a beach it is very difficult for a person who does not understand the colors to understand, if the flag hoisted by the lifeguard is green, so that he can swim safely, yellow, so that he knows that he will encounter dangerous waters or red, so he does not it should even get into the water. 

The above problems are currently faced by 350 million people around the world who suffer from color blindness , a condition that occurs in different degrees each time. One in 12 men and one in two hundred women have color blindness , while 90% of the information in the environment uses color and 90% of people with this condition need help in buying clothes. 

Code alphabet translates colors into shapes 

For all this population worldwide, a code alphabet was developed in Portugal , unique in the world, which can "translate" colors into shapes , giving the viewer color information. For example, the ColorADD codeword , created by Miguel Neiva , has introduced the upward triangle signal to express red, the downward triangle signal to express blue, and a slash. for the yellow. From the combinations of these three basic colors all the rest emerge, therefore the above shapes, if combined in pairs will be able to describe the other colors. 

"This system helps these people to be functionally integrated into a reality, where color is translated into information," explains Dimitra, director of the Adapted Sports Laboratory of the School of Physical Education and Sports Science at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA). Koutsouki. She emphasizes that the users of ColorADD react to it with enthusiasm, while raising the issue of the use of the code alphabet in the field of tourism. "Tourism is the largest source of income in our country. "The tourism industry is bigger than all the other industries", he underlines characteristically. 

ColorADD in all publications of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization 

In this context, the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization has adopted and applied the alphabet code ColorADD for about a year, in an effort to serve in the best possible way all visitors to the city. 

"Thessaloniki is the first city to receive this code and will apply it directly to all publications of the Tourism Organization. "All the ads it will release will include ColorADD", explains the deputy governor of Thessaloniki, Voula Patoulidou. He speaks of a quality and specialized service and notes: "even if there are only ten residents of the city and its visitors with color blindness, for us these ten are very important and we want to facilitate them." 

Besides, Ms. Koutsouki points out that "the Organization has made sure that anyone with color blindness can download an application on their mobile phone and through it to perceive things in their color." All this action of the Organization is done in collaboration with EKPA and the Organization Color add - Sistema de identificao de cores para daltonicos of Portugal. 

   The code alphabet can be applied to the beaches of Halkidiki 

For his part, Michalis Lolidis , strategic partner of ColorADD worldwide, points out that last year ColorADD was applied for the first time to the lifeguard flags on Myrtos beach in Kefalonia and announced that ColorADD can provide free example to coastal municipalities -for municipalities of Halkidiki - the four colored flags of the lifeguards with the codes of the code alphabet, for each beach. 

At the same time, he clarifies that such actions are part of uses of social interest and states that the scope of applications is huge. Indicatively, he mentions that the Holy Diocese of Nea Krini and Kalamaria is the first religious organization in the world with the application of the code in the teacher of the project and the camps. At the same time, in the same Diocese, the code has been incorporated in the printed books of Byzantine music where colored symbols are used together with the signs of ColorADD. 

"The code can also be applied to parking lots, stadiums, gyms and sports venues, clinics, hospitals, museums and emblematic archeological sites such as Vergina, Pella, Lefkos Pyrgos, Filippi etc.", adds Mr. Lolidis. 

Ms. Koutsouki also raises the issue of the abolition of exclusions, saying that through such actions the access of all citizens to all forms of social life is facilitated.