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Casa da Malha brings innovative solution to the largest world fairs in the textile sector

The "Power of Colour" follows the path of integration from New York to Milan and Paris

Casa da Malha's mission is to create value through innovation and the development of technical, functional and comfortable knitwear that presents a high differentiating factor, ensuring responsible business and environmental practices, and now with a clear reinforcement of Social and Corporate Responsibility with the implementation of the ColorADD colour identification system.

In reinforcing its internationalization process, currently with 15 export countries, Casa da Malha takes to the world the pioneering implementation of ColorADD in all its color identification media in its CAPSULE collection, which will be presented throughout the months of January and February at the most important international events in the sector.

From Première Vision in New York, on 17 and 18 January, to Milano Unica, from 30 January to 1 February, and Première Vision Paris, from 6 to 8 February, the must-see destinations for all professionals in the sector worldwide. This is where the focus is placed on the search for differentiation, in terms of trends and solutions for innovation and impact on textiles.

On this agenda of international fairs, from Portugal to the world, Casa da Malha's unprecedented initiative includes the implementation of ColorADD, the colour identification system for the colour blind, a unique universal and integrative language that responds to one of the most pressing needs of the colour blind - the identification of colour in textiles.

There are more than 350 million people around the world who do not see colours correctly. Whenever colour is a rational factor for identification, orientation or choice, the ColorADD system is present in all the supports that communicate the colours of Casa da Malha's products, as a tool that guarantees the colour-blind person's purchasing independence, integrating without discriminating!

CAPSULE, the collection that will be in constant development, aims to reinforce Casa da Malha's position in the constant search for raw materials and solutions that respond to the needs and demands imposed by changes in consumer habits.

Sustainability is a clear cornerstone of Casa da Malha's strategy, and the environmental concerns inherent in the development of its collection and, of course, its entire activity, are now complemented by the inclusion of a social innovation tool. As colour plays an important role in textile and clothing collections, it made perfect sense for the values of the Barcelos-based textile company to make the colour of its products identifiable and accessible to everyone!

Moreover, this SME in the textile sector seeks, as an imperative of action, to respond to the Sustainable Development Goals where, with this initiative, it reinforces the response to SDG 8 - Decent Work - since the entire production unit and company headquarters are equipped with a physical and digital colour-blind orientation system, fulfilling the dual purpose of integration and social education for the difference.

Colour has an inescapable power in our daily lives. It is a preferred and transversal communication factor in countless sectors of society. Making the ColorADD system a standard in the daily lives of companies and their operating ecosystems is a path followed by the most disruptive players like Casa da Malha.