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100% French game adopts ColorADD language

“Sea, Salt & Paper” it's Colorblind Frendly and it's at the biggest Games Fair in Europe

A few papers delicately folded and a whole marine universe comes to life. It is up to each player to create their own ocean.” This is how Studio Bombyx, the French society games publisher, responsible for this creation, starts by introducing “Sea, Salt & Paper”, its latest release for the society games market, in France and for the rest of the world.

World, in a perfect artistic union between origami elements, illustration and photography, exceptionally united in a colorful and inclusive result by color! of Games in Europe - Spiel 2022, which takes place in Essen, Germany, and takes place between the 6th and 9th of October, having had 620 exhibitors from 41 countries in 2021. This event presents company news related to the Games, Toys, Consumer Goods, Video Games and Entertainment sectors. ColorADD collaborated with Studio Bombyx in the development of the “Sea, Salt & Paper”

project throughout 2022, and it is with great satisfaction that one more recreational-pedagogical element arrives in the world markets under the responsibility of including the colorblind. game process. The graphic conceptual design of “Sea, Salt & Paper” is an excellent example of a non-intrusive implementation that allows this product to reach a niche market of more than 350 Million people with color blindness worldwide. artistic creation and authored by Bruno Cathala & Théo Rivière, with the illustration in charge of the Illustrators Pierre-Yves Gallard & Lucien Derainne.

ColorADD is a unique, universal, inclusive and non-discriminatory language that allows the colorblind to identify colors, with an infinite spectrum of use in companies/entities whenever color is a factor of identification, orientation or choice.