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ColorADD launches APP in Arabic at the First Edition of Cairo Design Week!

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa receives Miguel Neiva at the Portuguese Embassy in Cairo.

GLC Paints is a leading paint solutions company in the Egyptian, Middle East and African markets. Considering the pertinence of implementing ColorADD in its products, and observing its mission and vision with regard to Social Responsibility, GLC Paints establishes a partnership with ColorADD, sponsoring the implementation of the ColorADD Mobile Application in Arabic.

For GLC Paints, countries where Arabic is the official language represent a very important market, we are talking about 26 different nationalities with a population that exceeds 274 million people.

In this context, the initiative to officially launch the ColorADD Mobile Application in Arabic is part of the program for the First Edition of Cairo Design Week, which takes place between November 19th and 25th. This event is the biggest ever held in Egypt as a Design and Arts festival. At the invitation of GLC Paints, the ColorADD project is one of the highlights in the gardens of Heliopolis, one of the most renowned areas of the city of Cairo, a space that hosts the featured artistic installations.

Furthermore, the program involving the launch of the Portuguese APP will also include a reception for the creator of the ColorADD solution, Miguel Neiva, by the Portuguese Ambassador in Cairo, Manuela Franco, who will also receive Mohamad Baitie, Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communication from the Egyptian company GLC Paints.

On the 23rd of November, the highlight goes to the presence of the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who receives the Portuguese Designer, creator of the Color Identification Code for the Colorblind ColorADD, at the Portuguese Embassy in Cairo at 7.30 pm, local time.

A final note for the ColorADD App, which allows you to identify the colors of objects in real time, through the camera of a mobile device, having proved, since its creation, to be a very useful tool for the process of purchasing independence in the lives of colorblind people.

The ColorADD APP is a development supported by the AGEAS FOUNDATION, it is free and available for iOS and Android, in Portuguese, English and now also in Arabic.